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December 10, 2009


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Janet Barclay

Laurie, I'd love to say my timing was intentional, but to be honest, my mentioning of privacy settings was an afterthought, when I realized what I was writing was too much about me and didn't provide anything of value for my readers.


Janet - very timely post. A great nudge as Facebook is forcing us Canadians at least to reset our privacy settings - which is a task I tried to skip out of doing.

For others - I say Canadians in that Facebook was facing some demands by our privacy commissioner/

Janet Barclay

Thanks, Sam. I'm glad I put a smile on your face today.

Sam Diener

Janet --- I love the clip. Very funny. You make a great point. Sorry I don't have time to start a discussion right now, but I wanted to give you props on the post!

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