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October 05, 2009


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Dominik Bjegovic copywriter

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Jeffrey Kingman

Good article, Andrew. We're discussing how SoMe can be used for Customer Service at http://custservdialogue.wordpress.com on Twitter weekly: just follow the hashtag #custserv every Tuesday night at 9pm ET to join in..

Amanda O'Donovan Toronto-based Freelance Copywriter and Communications Strategist

Thanks for a great post. Have now resolved to make myself more contagious and will be stricter with my time and energy. Can I add a 6th Reason Why 90% of Social Media Efforts Fail? Badly written content. As the social media space becomes increasingly crowded, it's going to be the people who express themselves in clear, relevant and intelligent terms who will rise above the chatter.

Saundra Washington

You've hit the nail on the head and you've expressed it so eloquently. Too many of us are on too many sites, repeating too much of what other people are saying--and we don't even have a direction or a plan! Thanks for a great article.

jeff paul forum

It has been proved 90 % of social media efforts have resulted decreased profit margins , you need to bring diversified results with respect to planning and organizing .

Shazia Yaqub

This is an great article. As part of the onslaught of social media messaging onslaught, every Tom, Dick Harry and their neighbor feels compelled to have and use social media... However, not all translate into productive use of the medium. Just as you would not use TV advertisments for everything, social media is best used for targeted, captive audience with messages that are relevant and useful.

Kathleen Quintas

Great article. As a direct marketer for the past 20 years this is common sense. But when we all get caught up in new media sometimes we forget the basics of one-on-one marketing. Thanks for the reminder to get to basics!

Annike H. Asserson, managing partner at nimble

7. Introversion
Many companies (if not most) simply don't realize that their target segments do not share their perspectives on the world. So the topics, content and slant often expose how the company is organized and what operational issues they're trying to handle rather than actually providing something their customers are interested in.

8. Lack of channel architecture
Social networks are seen as separate channel(s) while they need to be an integral part of a more holistic channel architecture that includes most/all touchpoints the company has with their customers. So the point about consistency in message is not just valid inside a single channel but across channels, too.

justin locke

it feels to me like "social media" has been overhyped by those selling it, those selling ads on it, and those selling consulting services about how to use it. big surprise.

however, i have found that social media accelerates (somewhat) the "getting to know a new client i found the old fashioned way" process. I just did a deal where i was asked to go to florida for a presentation, and by seeing samples of my work on youtube, the deal got expanded to 2 speaking appearances. also directing people to my blog saves a lot of time in repeating information.

but overall, people seem to consume "socialness" at about the same rate, despite the promised acceleration of SM. writing a blog or even tweets takes effort, and is it any more effective than a radio ad or a golf club membership? are they superior to an old fashioned PR firm? so far, no big results here. more people send info out into the SM ether than those who read it . . . but little i see little glimmers of helping to make deals and connections here and there. -- justin locke


Good article well thought out and expressed pragmatic solutions. However, I like to add another reason could be is to keep it simple, short and within the network media rather than linking to blogs or web site may be a more focussed approach to the attention or more importantly the retention of your target audience, as most people could skip the links and rather would prefer to read at one place. Hope my suggestion is taken as a positive feedback and not as a spoiler.


Emma Taylor

This is a great article and has got me thinking. We have set up a new company and are relying on the social media network to generate interest and ultimately sales. There is a temptation to spread yourself thin, but we have got into a routine of a combination of Blog, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which seems to be working. The hits on our site are increasing daily and so are the sales.

My day job does not use any social media networks to promote its business. I have recently started Tweeting and as a result got a client! This has surprised my colleagues, as we have a good client base and so never really explored this low cost (high man hours!) avenue before. This article will help me explain and keep people focused on the outcome.

Facebook has been banned in many places as its seen as entertainment, but used in the right way for marketing can achieve a different result. However Facebook might not be the right forum for this company, and we should concentrate on Linked In and maybe even start a blog. So many opportunities, but keeping focused is the key!

Robin Horton

You make some good points. Apart from straight e-commerce, isn't everyone trying to figure out how to make money on the internet? I heard the WSJ technology editor speak today. She says blogs can't make money. So, what is the next level--what is beyond the banner ad?

Todd Tilley

7) Half Assing It - Right now we see a lot of CPG Companies talking up Social Media internally but walking away from actually investing in it. They want the key learnings, they want the buzz words to throw around in the board room and some charts to go with it but they are not prepared to invest substantial budget to social. We even hear the excuse, "we dont want another set of properties to manage because it will take up too much time and energy". Meanwhile their sites are sucking wind and the decision makers are still convinced TV is the way to go. And mind you, the decision pro TV goes against any/all analysis up against the main target demo. The reality is - they dont understand what Social is therefore they are slow to react and satisfied with trials and testing.

Daniele Colajacomo

You may be brushing on what I'd like to point out, but maybe it's worth spelling out.

I believe that - because of the recession (more hours worked, less compensation, more struggle) - and because of the proliferation of social media - what any social network really needs to be is USEFUL and PRACTICAL.

our lives are filled with things to do. So take LinkedIn. Useful to some extent (I have my doubts), but its mission is basically: keep in touch with those you've worked with, especially if you don't have time to go to parties.

Take facebook - keep in touch with your friends without (necessarily) giving each individual attention.

youtube.com, for example, has the advantage of being useful as a way to store movies that others can watch from other sites, embed, etc. - it's a tool.

Fewer and fewer people can afford to just have fun on the internet, as it used to be. So if you help them actually achieve a social purpose (mantain your friendships even from long ago: talk to one friend and let all the others pitch in, with one post), then you'll have a successful social networking site.

Too many sites duplicate existing functionality or assume that entertainment is still an affordable luxury for most.

Janis Brett Elspas

Excellent and to the point. Very comprehensive and really covers the mistakes that are still being made, even by those who purport that they are social media savvy.

The only thing that I'd add is how to do it right: by listening to and learning from those who've already "got it" and by reading and learning as much as you can constantly, because of the nascent nature of social media in particular and technology in general.

All of us can be learners and teachers, even the relative newbies like me! I look forward to hearing other perspectives on this.

MommyBlog Expert

Steven Savage

Great article - and very on target.


Fantastic information, but strategies that are difficult to execute without focusing your business for Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites http://bit.ly/X5uAU

Thanks for posting, will tweet it!

Chris Glennon

6) Poor Leverage - Social media is not very useful if it is scattered across the Internet and not leveraged to promote the product or service. Customers searching for products and services are not likely to check all the social media outlets (YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook, etc.). The best place for social media content for consumers is at the point of sale.

Solution: Aggregate social media content and push it to all product and service distribution points (including blog postings).

Example: A new book is published by a well know author. The book appears at online retailers and in blog articles along with its social media content; the latest Tweets about the book and/or author, the latest blog entries from the author, book and publisher, YouTube videos of the author, NPR interview podcasts, audio of a famous actor reading the first paragraph of each chapter, etc. The customer is now engaged, interacting with the social media content and more likely to buy that product.

Toni Anicic

Interesting and true observation. I agree that most of social media (or maybe "viral media attempts" would be better put) efforts fail for the listed reasons.


Excellent article. Being relatively new to the social media world I find myself, already a bit overwhelmed.

Great article!

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